Virtual Grand Canyon Landing, A Geographical Overview On Approach To KGCN
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Virtual Grand Canyon Landing is a geographical overview in simulated flight over the southern end of the

Grand Canyon as we fly in for a landing after a long series of Virtual Tours that originated at Boulder City and

included views of Lake Mead, the Colorado River and Grand Canyon West with sights that could be seen on

actual Grand Canyon Helicopter tours.. Information about Grand Canyon helicopter tours, Grand Canyon tours,

Colorado River rafting tours, a Grand Canyon Webcam and controllable panoramic camera views will also be

provided. A Google Earth map is also included on this page that can be used to explore the Canyon.


Grand Canyon West Tour Part 8 - Grand Canyon Landing

Grand Canyon West Tour Descriptions And Live Webcams

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Grand Canyon West Tour Part 8 - Grand Canyon Landing

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Grand Canyon West Tour Descriptions

Virtual Grand Canyon Landing (The tour seen above)

Beginning our fourth part of the Virtual Grand Canyon West Tour now at around 32 miles west of Grand Canyon

Village, we can observe our flight over Matkatamiba Rapids and Kanab Rapids as we continue to fly high over

some impressive Grand Canyon rafting waters such as Fishtail Rapids, Doris Rapids, Deer Creek Falls, Granite

Narrows, 135 Mile Rapids and finally Tapeats rapids 25 miles west of Grand Canyon Village.

This Virtual Tapeats Rapids To Kanab Rapids video was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Flight Simulator X, © Microsoft Corporation.

More Grand Canyon tour information coming soon.

___Panorama Views: Click on the camera below then select desired view on right.

        "Red Rocks" over Ward's Cove Rapids
             Webcam: Yavapai Point view west-a must see at sunset

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Grand Canyon West Tour Part 1 - Whitmore Wash To 205 Mile Rapids

In the first part of the Virtual Grand Canyon West Tours series we begin near the western edge of the Grand

Canyon Wist Rim as we make our way to the South Rim. We fly high above the Colorado River upstream with the

Hualapai Indian Reservation to the east and south and Lake Mead National Recreation Area to the . . .

Grand Canyon West Tour Part 2 - Gateway Rapid To Whitmore Wash

The second part of the tour series begins as w fly over Whitmore Wash. We continue to be able to see our

destination at the Grand Canyon South Rim 65 miles east ahead of us as we pass over more popular Grand

Canyon Rapids at 195 Knots. Included are 185 Mile Rapids, Lower Lava Rapids and . . .

Grand Canyon West Tour Part 3 - Upset Rapids To Gateway Rapids

We are now around 43 miles west of Grand Canyon Village on this third part of the Grand Canyon West Virtual

tour after passing over Gateway Rapids. We continue west flying high over less difficult rapids like Fern Glen

Rapids, 164 Mile Rapids, Havasu Canyon Rapids, Sinyala Rapids and finally . . .

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