Virtual Truckee-Tahoe Airport Flyover, Northstar Resort To Tahoe-Donner Resort

Virtual Truckee-Tahoe Airport Flyover is a geographical overview in simulated flight of the California side

of Lake Tahoe North Shore as we fly from Northstar to Donner on our way to Squaw Valley. Views included in

this tour include: Northstar, Truckee-Tahoe Airport, Truckee, Tahoe-Donner, Pluto Mount, Watson Mount, and

Lake Tahoe. More Lake Tahoe sights can be identified using the Google Earh Map provided. Information about

Lake Tahoe tours and live area Webcams are also presented.

Truckee-Tahoe Airport


Lake Tahoe Ski Tours Part 1 - Truckee-Tahoe Airport Flyover

Lake Tahoe Tour Descriptions

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Lake Tahoe Ski Tours Part 1 - Northstar To Tahoe-Donner

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Lake Tahoe Tour Descriptions

Virtual Truckee-Tahoe Airport Flyover , Northstar To Tahoe-Donner Tour (The tour seen above)

In this first part of the Virtual Lake Tahoe Tour series we start after having flown over Kings Beach off the

North Shore in a previous tour series. We fly northwest towards "Virtual Truckee-Tahoe Airport" as we get

within viewing distance of Northstar Ski Resort and Truckee Airport. We continue on this path as we fly

over Truckee and Tahoe-Donner Resort and turn south to make our way to Squaw Valley.

This video was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Flight Simulator X, © Microsoft Corporation.

More Lake Tahoe tour information coming soon.

___Webcam Views: Click on the cameras below.

      Sunny-side-Tahoe City view of Lake Tahoe
        Truckee River Whitewater Park in nearby Reno

        When its your turn to control the camera, use the mouse to control view.                    Back To Top

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Lake Tahoe Ski Flyover Part 2 - Squaw Valley To Alpine Meadows

In this second part of the Virtual Lake Tahoe Slopes series we continue south from Tahoe-Donner towards

Tahoe City. Just north of Tahoe City we make a turn and fly along the Squaw Valley ridge and get a view of

Squaw Valley Village to the right and Alpine Meadows to the left. We then make another turn . . .

Lake Tahoe Ski Flyover Part 3 - Alpine Meadows To South Lake Tahoe

This final part of the Lake Tahoe Flyover tour begins off the west shore of the lake over Blackwood Ridge before

flying over McKinney Bay with distance views of Rubicon Bay and Sunnyside-Tahoe City. We proceed to fly over

Lake Tahoe towards the East or Nevada side of the lake. Before reaching the east shore we bank towards . . .

Lake Tahoe North Shore Part 1 - Carson City Airport To Lake Tahoe

In this first part of the Virtual Lake Tahoe North Shore Tour series, we begin on Takeoff at Carson Airport

then fly west to the eastern side of Lake Tahoe on our way to the North Shore. Along the way we get

picturesque views of the Carson Range, a branch of the Sierra Nevada and the Capitol of Nevada, Carson . . .

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