Virtual Hoover Dam Tour, Simulated Flight From Black Canyon To Lake Mead

Virtual Hoover Dam Tour, a geographical overview that also has views of rapids traversed by Colorado River

rafting tours and sights seen by Grand Canyon Helicopter tours. Information about Grand Canyon tours and

Las Vegas tours also provided. Live Las Vegas and Grand Canyon Webcams are also presented.

Virtual Hoover Dam Tour views also include: Lake Mead, Boulder City, Boulder City Airport, Colorado River,

Hoover Dam, Promontory Point, Great Basin Highway, Saddle Island. Refer to the Google Map for more.

Hoover Dam Tours


Lake Mead Tour Part 3 - Black Canyon To Lake Mead

Lake Mead Tour Descriptions

More Virtual Lake Mead Tours

Lake Mead Tour Part 3 - Black Canyon To Lake Mead

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Lake Mead Tour Descriptions

Virtual Hoover Dam Tour (The tour seen above)

In the Virtual Hoover Dam Tour video we take a turn north as we cross the Colorado River east of Boulder City

and head straight up Black Canyon to Hoover Dam. We fly upstream to lake mead and get more views of

Boulder City. As we fly over the dam we get views of Rock Island, Boulder Islands, Pyramid Island Sentinel

Island, Saddle Island and Beehive Island.

This video was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Flight Simulator X, © Microsoft Corporation.

More Grand Canyon tour information coming soon.

___Panorama Views: Click on the cameras below then select view icon on right.

        Pierce Ferry, 100 km east of Las Vegas
              Grand Canyon West Airport

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More Virtual Lake Mead Tours

Lake Mead Tour Part 1 - Boulder City Airport

This first part of the Virtual Lake Mead Tours series is literally down to earth. Its a tour introduction during taxi to

the runway describing the plan of flying over Boulder City on to the Colorado River. You'll then be turning to the

north over Black Canyon and the Hoover Dam. . .

Lake Mead Tour Part 2 - Boulder City To The Colorado River

In the Virtual Boulder City Tour video, Boulder City to Colorado River, we get another view of Boulder City

Municipal Airport as we takeoff as well as a good view of Historic Boulder City and Boulder City Golf Course once

wheels are up . . .

Colorado River Rapids Tour Part 1 - Grand Canyon West Airport To Wards Cove Rapids

This first part of a the seven part Virtual Colorado River Rafting series begins at takeoff at Grand Canyon West

Airport. As we fly north out of the airport we fly over the Grand Canyon Sky Walk at Eagle Point before . . .

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