Virtual Pacifica To Half Moon Bay, Simulated Flight Tour and Geographical Overview

Virtual Pacifica To Half Moon Bay is a geographical overview, using simulated flight and Google Map tools,

of the west coast of California near San Francisco. Includes views of the San Francisco Bay and peninsula as

we follow the Pacific Coast Highway before landing at Half Moon Bay. Information about San Francisco tours as

well as live controllable San Francisco Webcams are also presented.

Views in Virtual Pacifica To Half Moon Bay also include: Daly City, San Francisco International Airport,

SanBruno Mountain State Park, Pacifica, Rockaway Beach, Pedro Point, San Pedro Valley Park, McNee

RanchState Park, Gray Whale Cove State Beach, Montera, Moss Beach, Miramar You can refer to the Google

Earth Map for more.

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Pacific Coast San Francisco Part 2 - Pacifica To Half Moon Bay

San Francisco Tour Descriptions

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Pacific Coast San Francisco Part 2 - Pacifica To Half Moon Bay

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San Francisco Tour Descriptions

Virtual Pacifica To Half Moon Bay (Tour seen above)

In this second part of the Virtual Coastal San Francisco tour we find ourselves flying off the coast just north of

Pacifica. We are still following the Pacific Coast Highway headed towards Half Moon Bay. We pass Pacifica and

Rockaway Beach as we curve around Pedro Point and get good views of San Pedro Valley Park and McNee

Ranch State Park east beyond the rocky cliffs. We fly past Gray White State Beach, Montara and Moss Beach

before this part of the tour ends.

This Virtual Pacifica To Half Moon Bay video was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Flight Simulator X, © Microsoft Corporation.

More San Francisco tour information coming soon.

___Webcam Views: Click on the cameras below.

              Kite Surfing view from the Exploratorium
              Golden Gate Bridg View from the Exploratorium

        When its your turn to control the camera, use the mouse to control view.                    Back To Top

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Pacific Coast San Francisco Part 2 - Pacifica To Half Moon Bay

In this final coastal San Francisco tour we are entering a traffic pattern to Half Moon Bay Airport. Before turning

into the bay we get views of moss beach the airport, El Granada and Mirmar Beach. At the far southeast end . . .

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